Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Strand Arcade (1891)

The heading for this post is not true, of course. 1891 is, indeed, the date on the shingle above the entrance to the gallerie. However, 1n 1976 and again in 1980, the arcade suffered extensive fire damage. In appearance, if not function, it was restored.

The Strand is the last survivor of five glorious arcades built between 1881 and 1892 , faithfully reproducing the galleries of Paris and London. The other four were: the Royal Arcade; the Piccadilly Arcade; the Victoria Arcade; and the Imperial Arcade. Many of them were designed by Thomas Rowe, after whom Rowe Street - may it rest in peace - was named.

Developers, nowadays, seem to raze entire city blocks en-masse and build interconnecting passageways here, there, and everywhere. These are NOT arcades ... (sniff, sniff).

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Parsley in flower

This is my Italian, or flat-leafed, Parsley. I used to only grow curly-leafed Parsley, but my daughter - our chef - only likes the Italian version. So, flat-leafed it is, then!

But it went to seed. Quickly. We used it, but not fast enough. Quite beautiful, is it not? To my eye, it resembles the Queen-Anne-Lace that I saw along the roadside when I spent two weeks in Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis, in the Languedoc, in the south of France.

Perhaps, it is just wishful thinking on my part ...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Herbal jungle

Here are four of the herbs I have in my front garden this season:

(Above): Oregano, which I use for anything remotely Italian;

(Left):Rosemary, which is great with lamb, although lamb is very expensive;
(Left): Basil, which is a great all-rounder, but also excellent in tomato salads, and, of course, in pesto, although pine-nuts cost the earth;

(Below):Chives, which I love, together with Spring Onions, and Silver-beet (aka Spinach) in a Risotto.

Yes, the purple flowers have dropped from the Jacaranda that straddles our western fence.

Two of these herbs are attached to a trellis on said fence, in the newest rage, a vertical garden.

Tomorrow, I will show you what happened to my Parsley.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tangerine dream

My grand-daughter, Juliet, is 13 months old. She is just starting to paint, and express herself. The soundtrack to this work is a succession of gasps and giggles as she realiees what she is doing, and that SHE is making the marks appear.

Umm ... she was a mess by the end, especially when she tried to wash her hair with the paint-brush.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Compost bonus

This is growing in my raised garden bed. i think it is a pumpkin, possibly even a Butternut Pumpkin. I can only figure that it came from my own kitchen, via my composting system.

Any idea as to veggie type?