Friday, 31 July 2015

Bicycles - 1 sleep to go ...

Cycling has been the go-to sport for quite some time now. It is non-contact - the way amateur cyclists play the sport - which means that one can stay in the sport longer. Non-contact does not mean injury-free, of course.

As I indicated yesterday, cycling is not a poor-man's-sport. However, riding a bike is a poor-man's mode of transportation.

So, I conclude this week of heads-up to our City Daily Photo Theme Day, which is tomorrow, with a look at bikes simply hanging about in the city by-ways. Rusty bikes. Secured bikes. Cheap bikes.

Bikes for the "everyman".

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bicycles - 2 sleeps to go ...

Clarence Street Cyclery sell a TREK EDMONDA SLR 10 H1 for $15,999.

Last year, Damien Hancock from Melbourne, bought a custom-made De Rosa Protos that cost $17,000.

My son-in-law has a $7,000 something or other, leaning against the wall of the girls' "art-house". SiL reckons it is his shed. Hah ...

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bicycles - 3 sleeps to go ...

In Clarence Street in Sydney, there are at least three cycleries. This was glimpsed through the doorway of one of them.

My father's first job, at the end of second year high-school - aged 14 - was to work in a haberdashery warehouse. He was one of those back-room johnnies, who cut lengths from bolts of cloth for salesmen who travelled around our state, trying to flog longer lengths to small stores. He vowed never again; never again would he take a job where the superior checked the cleanliness of his finger-nails each morning.

So, upon his demob from the army at the end of 1945 - with a wife and son to support - he set himself up as a fruit & veg man travelling in his converted tabletop Bedford from street to street in suburbs close to where he lived, selling produce to "the missus".

He was bemoaning to me, late in his life, that when he came back from the army, he should have opened a bicycle shop. As you can see from my photo yesterday, he was a cyclist from way-back. He had the build for it. He had the sales-savvy for it. He could strip and reassemble nearly anything, no matter how many wheels. He had a truck licence, a car licence, and a motor-bike licence.

We all have our shouldas ...

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bicycles - 4 sleeps to go ...

My grand-daughter, Alannah, turned 5 last week. She flew solo (sans training wheels) on Mothers' Day, which in Australia is the second Sunday in May.

My father, Laurie (1921-2011) was 18 in 1939, when this shot was taken the morning after the awards night of the Hornsby & District Amateur Cycling Club.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Bicycles - 5 sleeps to go ...

A bicycle racked, with its partner, beside the Museum of Contemporary Art, at Circular Quay, yesterday afternoon.