Monday, 26 January 2015

7. What wouldn't I miss? The sheer size of my city ...

Both these image were taken from the Pylon Lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The first image is facing east, ie pointing down the harbour to the Pacific Ocean. The second image is facing north-west, ie facing upstream, and inland.

Sydney has a population of 4.75 million, which is just under 20% of the entire Australian nation. Sydney covers an area of 12,367 km2, with a density of 380 people per square kilometre. Sheer urban sprawl.

From Bondi to Penrith (ie, from the ocean to the mountains), is 65 kms. This is the east-west axis.

From Cronulla to Berowra is about 60 kms, ie the north-south axis.

From Palm Beach to Campbelltown, the diagonal axis, is 100 kms.

We live in enclaves, sometimes determined by socio-economic factors, sometimes by education factors. Often, however, people live where they do from choice, or because their "people" have always lived thereabouts.

If I had to leave Sydney, I would hope that I moved to a more densely populated city, ot to a smaller town.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

6. What wouldn't I miss? Humongos Cruise Liners

During summer, there is a cruise ship tied up in Sydney Cove, every day. Every weekend there is a different one. This is the "Voyager of the Seas". They are so massive, they dwarf the Harbour Bridge, They dwarf the Opera House. From the Pylon Lookout on the bridge, I could not see Circular Quay (and obviously, judging from this photograph, from the Cahill Walk, I could not see the Pylon lookout), and I could not get a good view of the city skyline.

If I had to leave Sydmey, I would NOT miss these cruise liners. I want my city back!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

5. What would I miss? Sydney's weather ...

My front garden, this morning.

I had intended to move onto aspects of Sydney I would NOT miss - but had another thought!

In Sydney, it is ofen difficult to tell when we move into a new seasom. Now some of you will be aghast, and I can see the pleasures of distinct patterns. I, too, adore a "weather" day. But we still get days that are all-over raining and grey. But, in Sydney we do not get snow. We are on the coast, and so get very few frosts. We are in the Temperate Zone, so we chugg along about on average.

Let me give you some official statistics:
  • Summer average is 25-29C
  • Winter average is 16-18C
  • 1200mm rain per annum (highest March to June)
  • 144 rainy days per year
  • 30 thunderstorms per year
  • 57% average humidity pa
  • 6.8 hours average sunshine

  • So, pretty much the weather where I live borders on perfect. Further inland, but still in Sydney, the weather deteriorates abysmally. Sydney ia a large metropolis, with a population of 4.75 million, over an area covering 12,500km2. This is a population density of 380/km2. In comparison, the population density of Australia as a whole is 2.8/km2, and that of Paris is 22,000/km2.

    Yeah, if I had to leave, I would miss the weather.

    Wednesday, 21 January 2015

    4. What would I miss? Sydney's public transport ...

    In October 2009, I had to surrender my Driver's Licence which I had acquired in August 1965 - my 17th birthday. Now that is a massive challenge, but it was done for medical reasons, and there was no arguing. To avoid spiraling into a slough of despond, my camera and I went more and more places. I learned the routes, and checked the timetables. I began to think nothing of changing lines, of changing modes. I qualified for the Seniors $2.50 per day card, and now I have a digital Opal card.
    I would miss the public transport in Sydney. I travel by all three of these modes. I also travel by taxi because I have a disabled card that grants me a 50% discount. I know there are many people in this vast city who whinge about trains and buses being late, Who whinge about public transport being dirty, squashed, and smelly. That never occurs to me, but I travel out of peak hours. There is also a light rail system (aka trams) that the government is beginning to construct.

    So ... if I moved away from Sydney, I would miss the public transport.

    Tuesday, 20 January 2015

    3. What would I miss? Sydney's icons ...

    The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge separated by a swivel.

    If I had to leave Sydney, or if I CHOSE to leave Sydney, what would I miss?

    William Kendall seems to think that one of us Sydney bloggers will say that we will miss one of these two icons. Well, yes, I love having them there, and I am emotionally attahed more to the harbour bridge than to the opera house. But, they are just buildings. There are other bridges, albeit they do not have views over Sydney Harbour. But they do have views of water. There are other opera houses, staging remarkably similar versions of the oeuvre. Some avant-garde like this one, and others architectured more conservative.

    There are other Sydney icons, too. Like the green and gold First Fleet Class ferries. Like Sydney Tower, which just HAS to be a sibling of the Seattle Space Needle. Like North and South Head which stand as silent sentinels at the opening to our harbour. But they are all replaceable, to some extent, in my affections.